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If we said that we could bend the space time continuum, save you money, help you avoid IRS penalties, optimize the latest in social media technology to your advantage, and provide excellent service to your staff…would you want to learn how?

Ok, we’re still working the space time continuum piece but we guarantee we can help you build the value of your network in a smooth and seamless way. Here are just some of the ways we can do this:

  • We have a network of talent at our fingertips to fill your openings efficiently.
  • We can lower the cost of your contingent workforce by 20% by identifying talent within your own network.
  • You will experience less turn over and save on recruiting costs when talent is referred through someone within your internal network.
  • We invest in your internal leadership by enrolling your employees in our Professional Associations to make sure that they drive better results in key functional areas of your business-Data Management (DMP), Project Portfolio Management (PPMP) and Contingent Workforce Management (CWP).
  • We improve the performance of your supply chain – we are an active partner that works to promote a mature well run Contingent Workforce Program by partnering with your internal VMO (Vendor Management Organization).
  • We stay up to date on all the latest tax laws so you don't have to worry about penalties.
  • With the latest technology we are able to provide a simple experience with additional benefits of gathering data and user interface options.
  • We can provide indemnification against co-employment and classification risk.

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