Job Interviews

Job Interviews

Okay so you made it this far.  You've built your resume, joined the Ascent team, and found a great opportunity that matches what you are looking for! And now it’s time for the interview.  While you are whipping out your lucky suit you may know it still never takes away all the nerves completely.  Find some helpful tips below to make the best impression possible in your interview.

  1. Tailor your resume for each job—show the company that you are interested in the particular job they are advertising.

  2. Skip the “Objective” section and focus on your skills.

  3. List the most important information first.

  4. Keep it simple and avoid any fancy design elements. The automated system you are uploading to most likely won’t be able to read elaborate design elements and might skip over your resume entirely.

  5. Metrics, metrics, metrics—list quantifiable data wherever possible.

  6. Keep your resume to no longer than two pages.

  7. Don’t include any controversial information. Anything that would be illegal for an employer to ask should not be on your resume.

  8. Check and recheck your resume for spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. When you’ve finished looking at it, give to a friend or relative to check over.