Ascent Celebrates 15 Years as an Innovative Provider in the Staffing Industry

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walnut Creek, CA

For 15 years, Ascent has focused on building and nurturing a valuable and dynamic human network that links talent with opportunity. The company has worked tirelessly to develop a blend of services for candidates and corporate clients that create a virtuous cycle of delivery. Ascent has developed a unique value algorithm that accelerates the connection between available talent and open opportunities. They call it, The Ascent Valgorithm. The Valgorithm has proven time and again that the path to successful results is always the same – invest in people up front whether they are candidates or clients. It is this unique approach that sets Ascent apart from their competitors and it's the reason for their continued growth and success.

Ascent is constantly looking for ways to connect their clients and professionals to opportunities and services that will take them to the next level. Ascent conducted extensive research into areas that make candidates more marketable and leveraged the results to develop a variety of valuable resources. Ascent offers candidates opportunities in thought leadership, self-development, team development, peer networking, skills-based volunteering, and Board leadership. These resources reinforce and build on candidate strengths while increasing their desirability to clients.   

Similarly, Ascent delivers exceptional value to our client managers through sponsorship of three unique networking groups: Project Portfolio Management Professionals (, Data Management Professionals ( and Contingent Workforce Professionals ( Ascent invests in their clients’ internal leadership by enrolling client team members into the Professional Associations to help them drive program and process improvements in the key functional areas of their business. Ascent is the only company in the staffing industry that provides valuable networking opportunities for clients in the Contingent Workforce Management, Portfolio Management and Data Management disciplines. No other human services firm in the industry provides these kinds of valuable vendor- free peer networking venues to strengthen the capabilities of their clients' employees. These associations reaffirm Ascent’s belief that investing in clients’ human capital is the key to successful long-term relationships. The commitment to continually invest in the quality of the human network creates a virtuous cycle of opportunity that Ascent, their professionals and their clients enjoy everyday.

Ascent has become a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients and has been the preferred staffing vendor for over 200 companies, including upwards of one hundred and fifty Fortune 500 firms. The company has gained a reputation as one of the industry’s most innovative leaders in contingent workforce solutions. Since its inception in 2000, dozens of clients have turned to Ascent for the talent imperative for their businesses to succeed. With offices located in key cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Denver, Chico, Charlotte, and Chicago, Ascent offers unparalleled expertise and services to clients nationwide.

As Ascent looks forward to the next 15 years, they remain committed to evolving their strategies and methodology to meet clients’ changing needs, expectations and goals. Ascent will continue to push through boundaries of what’s possible in Staffing, Workforce Management, Payroll and IC Compliance Services and Strategic Services to remain an impact player providing top-notch value to their clients.

Ascent is excited to lead the way into the next era of staffing and you can be assured that they will continue their relentless pursuit of innovation, on your behalf.

 “The culture here at Ascent enables us to be driven, to find innovative ways to deliver our services based on the needs of our clients, and to strategically create systematic processes that provide the utmost value.  We spend the necessary time to analyze our work, benchmark the success of our clients and professionals, and we also make sure to implement those corrections back into our value algorithm.”    

– Joseph Nordlinger, Ascent’s President and CEO

About Ascent - Ascent provides candidates and clients with access to an extensive network, providing talented professionals a pathway to career advancement and providing clients with access to exceptional talent. Ascent has developed a unique combination of four service lines: Ascent IT, Ascent Pharma, Ascent Workforce and Ascent Strategic Services. Each service line focuses on delivery of an overarching value proposition– providing our clients with top quality talent and project-based delivery services.

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